Castle Aarburg

Huge Castle in Aarburg. More information (translated by Google)

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Leuk Satellite Gateway

2004 - March - Passengers sent and received e-mail messages over a virtual private network during a regular commercial flight aboard the first of the airliners equipped with the latest Connexion by Boeing equipment. The aircraft started its North Atlantic flight in the coverage area of a Eutelsat satellite, feeding its signal to the satellite gateway at Leuk, Switzerland. (source) This satellite gatway is well visible on the Switzerland Map:


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Castle Waldegg

Waldegg Castle Convention Centre and Museum, Feldbrunnen-St.Niklaus. 18th-century patrician interiors and baroque garden.


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The Mattmark Dam

The biggest earth dam in Europe, the Mattmark dam, is located at the far end of the Saas Valley. The reservoir, which is used for producing electricity, is a favourite destination and is of interest not only for the technical details but also because of its picturesque location at the far end of the Saas Valley. [more]


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Ganter Bridge VS (Christian Menn)

Special Features (new at the time of construction):
The piers on the creeping slope of the left hand side on readjustable bearings. S-curved cable stayed girder, where the cables are embedded in curved concrete flanges.

Main Dimensions:
Total length 678 m, main span 174 m, height 160 m

Look at the huge Shadow of this Bridge...
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Frutigen Railway Viaduct

Our train for Frutigen and Brig came next and I luckily had a little extra time to find its platform. Frutigen is a 10-minute train ride South from Spiez, and it lies in the Kander Valley at the base of the grade to the North portal of the Lotschberg Tunnel near Kandersteg. The tracks cross the Kander Valley on a long, high stone arch bridge about one-mile South of the Frutigen station. You can see the Frutigen Viaduct from the station and you can also see the ruins of a castle on top of a hill that overlooks the viaduct. To reach the Frutigen Viaduct from the railroad station, turn left into the parking lot and go to an alley that runs along the railroad yard. You will see signs in the parking lot before you reach the alley that say "Wander Weg" (walking trail) on yellow arrows. [read more...]

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Castle Rapperswil

The castle of Rapperswil probably dates back to the 13th century. It dominates the old town and is placed on a hill. On the lands surrounding the castle deer are kept. Since 1870 to the castle has been home to the National Polish Museum, created by emigrants (including owner of the castle - Władysław earl Broel-Plater). (source: Wikipedia)

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Nestlé S.A. Headquarter Vevey

Nestlé S.A. or Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, is the world's biggest food and beverage company. Nestlé's existing products extend from mineral waters to baby food to coffee and dairy products. (wikipedia)

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Schloss Neu-Bechburg, Oensingen

(Unfortunately, i found no description in english, please visit the Google translated version of this article.)

Die kurz nach 1250 von den Freiherren von Bechburg erbaute Burg wechselte in der Folge mehrmals die Besitzer. Unter ihnen finden wir die Grafen von Froburg, von Nidau, von Thierstein, von Kiburg und von Buchegg. Konrad von Laufen verkaufte Burg und Herrschaft 1415 an Bern, das noch im gleichen Jahre die Stadt Solothurn als Mitbesitzerin einsetzte, wohl zum Dank für die Mithilfe bei der Eroberung des Aargaus. 1463 gelangte Solothurn in den Alleinbesitz und errichtete hier einen bevorzugten Landvogteisitz. Bevorzugt wohl deshalb, weil die zentrale Lage im danach sich allmählich bildenden „Kanton“ schon damals eine eminent wichtige Rolle zu spielen begann. (Source)

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Amphitheatre Windisch (Vindonissa)

Vindonissa is the Roman name for Windisch in modern Switzerland. In 58 BC, the Helvetii tried to evade migratory pressure from Germanic tribes by moving into Gaul, but were stopped and defeated at Bibracte (near modern-day Autun) by Julius Caesar's armies and then sent back. In 15 BC, Tiberius and Drusus conquered the Alps, and the region became integrated into the Roman empire: the Helvetii settlement area became part first of Gallia Belgica and later of the province of Germania Superior, while the eastern part was integrated into the Roman province of Raetia. (source: wikipedia)

This Amphitheatre has "survived" from those times.

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Atomic Plant Beznau

Switzerland's first commercial Atomic Plant was Beznau-1 - a Westinghouse pressurised water reactor ordered by NOK (Nordostschweizerische Kraftwerke AG).
Information: WNA (World Nuclear Association), NOK (german)

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Castle of Grandson

Visit the beautiful Romanesque church of the 11th Century, with its historical curiosities and the castle (11th - to 14th Century), which offers permanent exhibitions as well as the popular automobile museum with Greta Garbo's white Rolls Royce. Tourist Information

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Benedictine Convent of St John at Müstair

UNESCO World Heritage Site The Convent of Müstair, which stands in a valley in the Grisons, is a good example of Christian monastic renovation during the Carolingian period. It has Switzerland's greatest series of figurative murals, painted c. A.D. 800, along with Romanesque frescoes and stuccoes.


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Swissminiatur Melide

Swissminiatur: Inside you will find more than 120 models representing the patrician houses, the castles, the cathedrals and other buildings of Switzerland. For the fans of the railways-models we have more than 3500 m of rails with no less than 18 trains, funiculars, rack-railways, cable-cars and boats in motion.

All the models of our exhibition are built on the scale of 1:25.

A park for children will allow you to sit quietly on the restaurant-terrace while your children have fun.

Garden-enthusiasts will find more than 1500 different plants and over 15000 flowers.

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Sightseeing Switzerland

See the beauty of Switzerland from a bird's point of view


See Switzerland's most beautiful Sights using the great map service of and sometimes google local. If you know a interesting sight, please suggest it here. Visitors



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