Geneva Cointrin International Airport

Geneva Cointrin International Airport (IATA: GVA, ICAO: LSGG) is an airport in Geneva, Switzerland. It is located at 46°15′N 6°8′E, 5 km from the city centre and has direct connections to expressways, bus lines and railways (SBB-CFF-FFS). Its northern limit runs along the Swiss-French border and the airport can be accessed from both countries. Passengers on flights to or from France do not have to go through Swiss cutoms and immigration controls if they remain in the French sector of the airport. The freight operations are also accessible from both countries, making Geneva a European Union freight hub although Switzerland does not belong in the EU.

The airport has a single large runway. It is a major hub for easyJet and a lesser hub for Swiss International Air Lines. Geneva Cointrin has extensive convention facilities and hosts the headquarters of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In 2005, the airport served more than 9,411,105 passengers. (Source: Wikipedia)


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Lake Zurich Waterskier

The winner suggestion picture of the suggestion contest is this water skier carving on the lake Zurich near Herrliberg.

About Waterskiing (Source: Wikipedia):
Water skiing is a sport and recreational activity invented in Lake City, Minnesota in 1922 by Ralph Samuelson and is popular in many countries around the world where appropriate conditions exist - an expanse of water unaffected by wave motion. Rivers, lakes, and sheltered bays are all popular for water skiing.


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Zaehringer Viaduct Fribourg

Huge viaduct in Fribourg (Switzerland) crossing the Saane River.

Sights of Fribourg:
Fribourg has preserved its medieval center as a whole that is now one of the largest in Europe. Consisting of the neighborhoods Bourg, Auge and Neuveville, its old town is rich in fountains and churches dating from the 12th century until the 17th century. Its Gothic cathedral, reaching 76 meters in height, was built between 1283 and 1490. The fortifications of Fribourg form the most important medieval military architecture of Switzerland: 2 kilometers of ramparts, 14 towers and one big bulwark. (Source: Wikipedia)


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The Jet d'Eau in Geneva

The Jet d'Eau, or water-jet, is a large fountain in Geneva, Switzerland, and is one of the city's most famous landmarks, as well as the largest fountain in the world. Situated at the point where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhone River, it is visible throughout the city and from the air, even when flying over Geneva at an altitude of 10 km. (Source: Wikipedia)


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The Swiss parliament and government building

Google has recently updated the satellite pictures of Switzerland inside google local. So from now on, we have also Thumbnails of beautiful Switzerland Sights from Google.

The Swiss parliament and government building, the Bundeshaus, with its imposing green dome, stands high above the Aare river in the capital, Bern. It has become so much of a landmark that it is hard to imagine what the city skyline looked like before it was there. But the building was only completed in 1902. (Source)


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Zoo Zürich

They about their mission:
What we want
The zoo - a cultural institution in Zurich - acts as an ambassador between humans, animals and nature. We want to contribute to the sustainable continuity of biological diversity by addressing large parts of the population in an attractive and exciting way. We develop our activities based on an innovative and economical management and a sound, future-oriented, sustainable financing. In doing so we directly profit from the large public interest in our attractive zoo and capitalise on an ever tightening cooperation in the worldwide web of zoological gardens.
  • We assist and oversee programmes aimed at species conservation and habitat protection.
  • We arouse and foster the visitors' interest in our work (provide recreational area, inform, protect the environment, research) by making them partake actively in the world of the animals.
  • We convince the visitors with an active, curious-making communication.
  • We want to foster the interest of the public and the economy for the zoo and inspire our visitors to help realise our nature conservation objectives.


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James Bond Bungee Jump Dam Verzasca

This dam is one of the highest in Europe; from its 220 meters vertical drop it is even possible to bungee-jump from the dam all the way down to its base, just as James Bond did in the opening scene of the movie "Goldeneye". More Information:
Article on Macuniverse


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Go Cart Raceway Wohlen

Outdoor go cart raceway near Wohlen (AG).


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Castle Auenstein (AG)

The first castle was built around the eleventh century by the Habsburger Empire. The first time it was mentioned was when the Count of Gowenstein became the owner in 1212. The castle owned and ruled the community of Auenstein. The count governed the entire community and had his own court system. The ownership of Auenstein changed hands in 1307 from the Count of Gowenstein to Herren von Rynach, through the Duke of Austria. The Herren von Rynach built the first church in Auenstein in 1302. The castle burned in 1389 when it was attacked by the Austrians and Berners. During the attack, approximately 100 Auensteiners were killed. (Source)


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Ufenau Island

Situated at the upper end of Lake Zürich, Ufenau Island is an idyllic spot which belongs to Einsiedeln Monastery and has been a conservation area since 1927. It is still one of the best places not only to admire pristine lakeside views, but also to take a closer look at the region's extraordinary history. (Source & booking)


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The Gotthard

The most famous of all the Alpine passes, the St Gotthard or San Gottardo (2108m), is also the most memorable. The turbulent Schöllenen Gorge, a few kilometres north of Andermatt, was first bridged in the thirteenth century, allowing traffic to penetrate up the full length of the Reuss valley from Flüelen to the pass itself, from where a continuation road followed the valley of the River Ticino all the way south to Bellinzona and Milan. (Source)


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River Wave Bremgarten

Wave in the Reuss-River near Bremgarten (AG). Its possible to ride this wave with kayaks or even surfboards. The best time to surf is spring, but the water is very cold then. June and july are the best time with warmer water. The wave works always when there was a strong rainfall! In late summer wave lose power...

Pictures of the Wave and Wheels Bremgarten Kayak Freestyle Europacup 2005

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Alpamare, one of Europe's largest water parks

One of Europe's largest water parks, the Alpamare in Pfäffikon offers thrills and fun for all the family with a huge range of pools, slides and water-based entertainment.

The park includes indoor and outdoor themed pools. Highlights include the Wave Pool, with temperatures of 30°C, the Rio Mare with its rapid currents and an outdoor pool for children.

The slides total 1500 metres and include the longest in Europe, Balla Balla, with its stunning light and water effects. The Cresta Canyon involves journeying down on a single raft and there are also slides for speedboards and rubber tyres.

Other highlights include a relaxing, health-promoting spa with 36°C temperatures, a sauna, a solarium and restaurants.
Book here


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St. Jakob Park Basel (Home of the FCB) update!

The St. Jakob Park Stadium is the home of the famous and unfortunately almost unbeatable Basel Soccer Club (FCB). The FCB which is called "Eff Tsay Bay" (in Swiss German) was most successful in the 1960s and 1970s. They were Swiss champion seven times and won the national Cup three times. In the 1980s they had to play in the Nationalliga B (the second highest League in Switzerland). In 1994 they went back into the highest League. When the stadium "St. Jakob-Park" was opened in 2001 the success came back. In 2002 the FCB won the Double (Swiss Championship and Swiss Cup). In the following season they were the second Swiss team which could ever play in the Champions League. Among others, they also defeated Celtic, Liverpool,Deportivo La Coruña and Juventus. The FCB hasn't lost in the St. Jakob-Park since 1. December 2002 against Grasshopper (1:2). The FCZ (Soccer Club Zurich) broke the serie of FCB 3:4 in a Game of the "Swisscom Cup". Congratulations. (Source: Wikipedia)


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Sightseeing Switzerland

See the beauty of Switzerland from a bird's point of view


See Switzerland's most beautiful Sights using the great map service of and sometimes google local. If you know a interesting sight, please suggest it here. Visitors



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